City life can be unbearable without a touch of nature. Featuring a New York style, Monsieur Helder has decided to share his lobby with Wild & The Moon, a vegetarian restaurant fond of authentic flavours, proposing fresh cold fruit juice, unusual smoothies, an organic and gluten-free menu, inspired salads and Kodama teas.

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Minibar Selection

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Tropicana Orange Juice Premium 20cl 3,00 €

Perrier Sparkling Water 33cl 2,70 €

Red Bull 25cl 3,00 €

Coca-Cola 33cl 3,00 €

Coca-Cola Zéro 33cl 3,00 €

Evian Still Water 33cl 2,50 €


Beer Heineken 33cl 3,00 €


Chardonnay Les Jamelles White Wine Pays d'Oc 25cl 6,50 €

Merlot Les Jamelles Red Wine Pays d'Oc 25cl 6,50 €

Champagne Nicolas Feuillate Réserve Brut 20cl 15 €


Peanuts 2,00 €

Pringles Chips 2,50 €

M&Ms 2,50 €

One hotel, Two breakfasts

In the ground floor restaurant, each morning Wild & The Moon proposes food which is good for you and good for the planet. For example, the “Better than botox” juice or the “Protein shake” smoothie, both gluten-free. But you can also choose the Hôtel London's Breakfast, only 50m from the hotel, in a warmly decorated breakfast room. Enjoy the crispy bread, sweet jams, butter and hot chocolate: all packed with gluten (12€). Because it’s not a diet, it’s a way of life. If you have a food allergy or intolerance, the entire Hotel team will be happy to help you with your requests.

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